Sense beauty and splendor of Russia’s two capitals on our unique weeklong tour Combining local experiences with world-renowned landmarks, this seven-day tour gives a very rounded impression of Russia. Designed for group or private travel all year round, it’s an opportunity to learn Russian culture and heritage first-hand. You will explore magnificent attractions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and experience why and how Russia is so unique. This amazing Russian tour program is just a framework and can be customized to your interests and needs, particularly with a focus on history, art, science, literature or traditional culture. Tour Highlights Unveil the noble beauty of St. Petersburg and old Russian charm of Moscow Behold the power-oozing red-walled Moscow Kremlin Speed through the Russian countryside on a super-fast train Sapsan Stand enthralled in the world’s art treasure-trove, the Hermitage Climb one of Europe’s largest places of worship, St. Isaac’s Yield to temptations...

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