Fishing Nets

Multifilament Twisted Nets


Product Numbers: FLNET05 Product description:Multifilament Twisted Nets, with material PP, Polyester and Nylon INTRODUCTION: Multifilament Twisted Nets * Material: Nylon, PP, Polyester with 100% raw material * Twine: 2ply--120ply--diameter 6.0mm * Mesh size: 8mm up * Knot type: Single knot or Double knot * Lengthway stretched or Depthway stretched * Color: as per the customer’s request. * Packing: each piece will be folded and with neutral label; outer package with PP woven bag; 40--60kg per bale or as per the customer's request.

Nets and ropes
  • fishing nets
  • nets for fish farming
  • fishing equipment

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