Fishing magnet


DRILLSTAR fishing magnet is a valuable tool before diamond coring or drilling. Its strong magnetic field will retrieve all types of small steel objects from the bottom of the hole. It is available is a variety of sizes and shapes, to suit the most demanding fishing jobs. Two main designs are available : - Classic design, with a single magnet. - Modular design, using multiple small, high-strength magnets: this design enables a wide range of lifting forces and magnetic surface shapes, using the most powerful magnets available today. Mud ports can be added on the tool bottom or side to clean out the fish. Our magnets are available in two grades, depending on temperature rating : - Normal, up to 300 deg F (150 deg C). - High Temp, up to 570 deg F (300 deg C). Unlike traditional fishing magnets, DRILLSTAR Magnets are permanent and do not require any periodic re-magnetization. High-temp magnets are designed to lose very little force with temperature increase (3% per 100 deg C)

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