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In order to reduce the construction time of tunnels and make segment installation easier, FIP INDUSTRIALE has designed a mechanical system for the longitudinal connection of rings (Biblock system). Site experience has shown that the use of this system can reduce the time of ring installation up to 10%. Biblock system is manufactured with special high-resistance, unbreakable and dielectric plastic materials. Each set consists of the following elements: two sockets to be cast in the segments concrete; one connecting pin to be inserted in the sockets during installation of the segment; one bushing - optional in some models - that accompanies the pin and acts as aligner. Due to accurate laboratory tests FIP INDUSTRIALE has been able to identify the most suitable materials and dimensioning to achieve the best performing mechanical characteristics. The Biblock system series is available for tunnels with various types of diameter. BOLTS FIP INDUSTRIALE can supply a broad range of bolts fo

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