Fixed Foam Dispenser For Flexface Continuous Lines


Fixed Foam Dispenser For Flexface Continuous Lines Designed with the latest software for flow calculation, our fixed foam dispenser is certainly the best low cost system to improve your production line. Most of actual production lines for flexface panels have a deposit system with 2 outputs per mixing head. The impact velocity on the inner facing is high and the flow output is quite turbulent, a part of the blowing agent immediately turn in gas and lose their effect for the foam expansion. This speed also create bubbles at the deposit. With the new POFI patent, we reduce this effect and increase the foam quality with a non turbulent deposit. The impact velocity is lower and the given angle to the distribution system allows for reduced bubble formation. The uniform arrangement of dispensing dots enables an optimal orientation of cells and thereby to obtain better mechanical characteristics of the panel. Each mixing head output is divided in 4 streams to ensure a better...

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