RAIL AND ON-RAIL HANDLING SPECIALIST FIXING RAIL ACCESSORIES The various fixing rail accessories are : standard and adjustable clips, sleeper screws, anchorage bolts and fishplates. The clips are used to fix on steel or on concrete. They can be adjustable, to bolt or to weld. The sleeper screws and anchorage bolts allow the fixing of the rail on plates of all types. And the fishplates allow the connection of two rails Standard clips for all the rail section We advise to fasten clips opposite side every 600 mm Tarred, possibility of galvanization Clips fitting dimensions : To know some more Fastening adjustable systems for rails with or without pad Crane rails fastening does present specific problems due to placing conditions, sometimes it is recommended to fix rails. with clips with elastomer insert and possibly elastomer pad to be placed under the rail. For the selection of the system the following information are required : supporting base type of rail pad presence lateral and vertical wheel load width and height available lateral adjustment required Welding clips Bolting clips For more information, contact us please Pads Valex Valex elastomer pads have been specifically developed for elastic laying of crane rails. The Valex elastomer pad, when used jointly with the clips of the Valex series, reduces significantly stress and wear of the rail and of the mechanical components of the crane. It helps to achieve an even distribution of the load of the wheels on the supporting stucture. The use of the elastomer pad is suggested above all in the following situations : the rails are subject to heavy working conditions ; the rails are subject to high vertical and, or lateral wheels stress ; the rails are operating in extreme weather conditions ; noise and vibrations shall be reduced to the minimum. Sleeper screws Anchorage bolts Wedges for wagon immobilization Stop shoe for wheel Ø inferior to 250 mm different types available. Stop block nickel chrome steel for SNCF rail type for wheel diameter superior to 250 mm. Wedge for wagon immobilization with red flag For parked wagon Automatic ejection. Articulated lever can be placed on the left or on the right. Frame in steel sheet, internal in hard wood. Temporary link wagon


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