RINGFEDER® Flange Couplings are the better alternative to press fits. Neither additional components such as keyways or wedges, nor a warming of the outer section and cooling of the inner section are required. The flange coupling is simply pushed onto the shaft and fastened so it is frictionally engaged by tightening the screws in the shrink disc. They transfer torque and bending moments as well as axial and radial forces. Advantages Strong connection with high torque capacity Easy assembly and disassembly Backlash-free shaft hub connection High level of true running accuracy Applications Mining companies Plant manufacturers Gearbox manufacturers Designs Version A Shrink Discs with hexagon head screws HM = Centering outside HF = Centering inside Version B Shrink Discs with hexagon socket head cap screws HM = Centering outside HF = Centering inside Explanations to tables Basic dimensions when screws are not tightened d w1 = Solid shaft diameter d w2 = Solid shaft diameter A =...


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