Device details: ■ Save up to ⅔ measuring uncertainty with well prepared samples ■ Very robust device for quick and efficient cutting of flat cables ■ Exact adjustment of the sample thickness (depending on material) ■ Thin, evenly and parallel cut samples with a smooth surface (especially the very small and many cores require a very thin cut to avoid shadows) ■ Precise and repeatable measuring results due to reproducible samples Area of application: ■ Sample preparation according to IEC 60811 ■ Cutting device for flat cable samples up to a width of max. 75 mm (2.95“) and a height of max. 8mm (0.31“) ■ Optimal cable preparation device for measurements with offline cable measurement devices ■ Use of the FCC75 is essential for your Quality Management ■ Compact and light device to easily use in laboratories and production halls

Cutting, plastics - machinery
  • cable cutter
  • cable cutting machine
  • cable sample preparation

Product features

Size (width x length x height) 225 x 235 x 450 mm
Weight 7.7 kg (16.97 lbs)
Knife Stainless steel blade
width - Cable sample max. 75 mm (2.95 Inch)
height - Cable sample 1 - max. 8 mm (0.04 - 0.31 Inch)
Length - Cable sample min. 30 mm (1.18 Inch)

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