Flat Foam Pads


Matterning becomes an easy, comfortable job with this Foam backing pad. The sanding grit is no longer applied on a paper backing but directly glued into the foam. The result is astonishing: faster mattening than with traditional Scotch Brite solutions, finer than with foam backing abrasives, more flexibility to get access to the smallest corners and water absorbing! Can be used dry, but performs better in combination with matterning paste, water based degreaser or just water. Combined with water based degreaser, the panel is mattened and degreased in a single application. Due to the special foam holding the water based degreaser, one can easily adjust the amount of liquid that should be released and adapt during the application. Reference Description Box Outer box FFP 0320 P320 50 4 FFP 0500 P500 50 4 FFP 0800 P800 50 4 FFP 1500 P1500 50 4

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