Flat wire

Flat copper wire as per European regulations as well as customer requirements


Flat copper wire made from Cu-ETP1 and Cu-OF1 in bare. Thickness: 0,038 mm – 1,0 mm Width: 0,80 mm – 6,0 mm Our flat copper wires are absolute burr free. They are characterised by maximum precision and originally round edges, particularly suitable for busbars, flat conductors or shielding.

Copper wires and cables
  • Flat wire
  • Busbar
  • Flat conductor

Product features

Copper Cu-ETP1 (Cu ≥ 99,90 %-by-weight, oxygen max. 0,040)
Oxygen free copper Cu-OF1 (Cu 99,95 %-by-weight)
Conductivity min. 101% IACS
Electrical conductivity ≥ 58.58 (in annealed condition) m/Ωmm² at 20°C
Thermal conductivity 400 W/(m*K)
Density 8,9 g/m³ at 20°C

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