In the narrow strip of the Calabria coast, several legends are told and passed down the generations about the mysterious origin of the “Green Gold”, the bergamot fruit. During the 17th century, the bergamot was used only for the essential oil contained in its peel, the external part of the fruit, dealing every other part as waste. But now, bergamot is recognized in its “whole beauty”; in fact, the heart of bergamot fruit contains active lipolytic principles, flavonoids, able to counteract the “orange peel” looking of the skin, by the reshape and improvement of skin firmness. WHAT IT DOES FLAVOSLIM is a powder ingredient containing active compounds (8-10% in flavonoids) of bergamot (Citrus bergamia Risso and Poiteau) juice. FLAVOSLIM is able to activate fat metabolism, reducing fat cell accumulation, inducing lipolytic effect, and inhibiting inflammatory processes and related consequences on adipose cells.

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