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Flexi AC HiMAX - Taking the Flexi concept to over 14 metres


Specially engineered to combine narrow aisle operation, with lift heights demanded by today’s logistics industry, Flexi AC HiMAX features three chassis options – 1250mm, 1350mm or 1400mm depending on the application – to provide extra load rating and stability. High-Quality Specification The Flexi AC HiMAX articulated forklift truck is purposed designed and features heavy duty mast sections fixed in a strengthened front frame, plus integrated tilting and side shifting fork carriage. The result is higher lift capacity and the elimination of mast deflection when operating at high level. Maximum Safety – whatever the lift height Safe, efficient operation is at the heart of the Flexi AC HiMAX articulated forklift truck. Features such as CCTV and optional Laser Height Selection allow operators to stack safely at over 14m with minimum fatigue.