Flexible foams are elastic PU foams that are used in many different applications thanks to their usually excellent padding properties. In addition to the seating furniture industry, applications include motor vehicle and rail vehicle seats. However, they can also be used in seals and loaded damping components. Typical properties Moulded part density of 40–250 kg/m³ Adjustable compression load deflection Dimensional stability under heat up to 100°C Water is usually used as the foaming agent, but liquid CO2 is also possible Special formulations and versions Viscoelastic Barium sulphate loaded for acoustic applications, e.g. in aviation FIPFG seals for PU high-pressure processing Dimensional stability under heat up to 150°C in special applications Emission-free pursuant to RAL-ZU 38 Flame protection formulations Automotive: FMVSS 302 Rail vehicle construction: DIN 5510 (S3, SR2, ST2), EU TL 45545 Aircraft construction: ABD 0031, FAR 25.853 Furniture industry: California 117 Section A Part 1


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