Provide effective and lasting protection for fragile parts, painted parts, and parts that are susceptible to scratching during transport Fittings are available for small containers, large containers and specialist packaging. They are designed to keep parts separate, to prevent contact and to optimise the quantity of products transported. In addition, they enable the packaging of oversize parts that cannot fit into trays or containers spanning several layers. Textile fittings offer you 3 main benefits: Protective and functional packaging: Optimum protection for all types of parts and ergonomics and modular solutions. Economical packaging: Textiles are reusable throughout the life cycle of your product, and they are easy to use and minimize transport cost. Environmentally-friendly packaging: Long term cleanliness of the fittings and recycling is easy at the end of the service life. Fittings for Small Containers Textile fittings are good for small containers and offer many options...

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