Flexible dosing systems expand the fields of application

New approaches from clinical studies to production lines


Many different products from liquids to semi-solids to suspensions for small batch series or clinical studies are filled in pharmaceutical development laboratories or pharmacies on a daily basis. Due to the constantly changing composition and thus also changing physical properties of the fluid in this phase, this often poses a problem when selecting a suitable filling system. For materials or suspensions with higher viscosity, conventional dosing systems such as piston dosers and peristaltic pumps quickly reach their limits, especially for precise filling of small quantities. With a flexible dosing system such as the Pharma Dispenser VPHD from ViscoTec liquids with different viscosities can be dosed reliably with one device.

Dosing pumps
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Dosing systems for liquid medicines
  • volumetric dosers

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