Flipper® (Blind rivet hand tool)

The GESIPA® blind rivet hand tool for easy handling with only one hand
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Blind rivets up to 5 mm Ø aluminium and 4 mm Ø steel and stainless steel Technical data Weight: 750 g Total length: 212 mm Total stroke: 16,2 mm Single action stroke: 1,8 mm Nosepieces/accessories Nosepieces:10/18, 10/24 and 10/29 1 maintenance wrench (on magazine) Operating instructions with spare parts list Advantages • The force increases when the handle is closed. This is made use of via the special arrangement of the lever when setting blind rivets: ergonomic design • The required manual force is reduced by around 40 percent if actuated several times. • Actuation lever with an opening spring for easy single-handed operation • Jaw mechanism with spring reset for safe and automatic mandrel ejection • Rivet mandrel collection container can be clipped to the body casing and is easy to empty • Larger device lift: a benefit when handling extra long blind rivets • Link pin on anti-twist bearings • Ergonomic lever positions and handle design

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Aluminium, Steel


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64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf - Germany