Servo-controlled valve nominal diameter DN 10, which closes by means of buoyancy of a floater to control level in tanks If liquid is drained from the tank, the float valve refills automatically and closes when the maximum level has been reached. While water level and floater rises, the flow into the tank is throttled proportional to the levers position. An overflow of small tanks will be prevented during the initial filling. Valves of this design are single chamber valves with the inlet ninety degrees to the outlet. The valve, having a glass fibre reinforced polyamid body and can be manufactured with various connections and is suitable up to 60 °C by using a PE-floater. For heated water up to max. 90 °C a stainless steel float ball is available on request. Technical changes reserved.

Product features

Valve body Valve body Part of a solenoid valve, made of plastic or metal, which comprises the in PA 66 glass fibre reinforced
Metal parts in medium Stainless steel
Membrane and sealings EPDM
Float cylinder PE-foam
Float balll stainless steel 1.4301(on request)
Float Lever POM
Filter POM in inlet
Type float valve
Construction Construction The term construction here is normally referred to the design of a val single-chamber valve inlet ninety degree to outlet
Ways 2/2-way
mode of operation servo-controlled
Function closed by buoyancy of float
Fitting position float vertically downwards
Media Cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media
T-Medium 30 °C max. polystyrene
T-Ambient as per T-Medium
DN DN Numerical size indication of the nominal free diameter (diameter nominal) of components fo 10 mm
Pressure range Pressure range Nominal pressure or range. 0,3 - 10 bar
Cv-Value 25 l/min @ 1 bar
Flow regulator on request
Float cylinder adjustable position

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