Floor Displays

Custom, High-Impact Plastic, Full Color Offset Print


Floor displays work great because they're big and bulky (so you can't miss them), but, at the same time, adaptable and versatile. They can be used to display a variety of products, from candy and keychains, to CDs, brochures and gift wraps. That only means your logo or ad can be seen in all these different situations! The best thing about floor displays is their bulkiness and sturdiness, and there isn't a better medium for a strong, powerful, robust message. In this case, the message and the medium are one and the same. Customers can rarely overlook or avoid floor displays, especially when they are designed with lively and radiant colors. Our floor displays are durable, portable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and stable. They are fully customizable, from shape and size to the print and the general look and feel. We also provide an assortment of production services, from the start to the very finish, in order to help you reap the benefits of our displays' full value.

POS - stores and supermarkets
  • Point-of-sale advertising
  • floor displays
  • POS displays
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