Floor-standing air conditioner - PAC 3810 S - Floor-standing air conditioner - PAC 3810 S

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Powerful, charming, comfortable cooling – if it's about air conditioning, you don't only want to enjoy the refreshment in a breath. You also would like a device that perfectly integrates into the interior design. Whether at your home, in office spaces, hotel rooms or in the yoga centre – with its silver colour housing design and a cooling capacity of 3.8 kW / 13,000 Btu/h, the exclusive air conditioner PAC 3810 S is particularly well-suited for large rooms up to 50 m2 or 125 m3. Convincing convenience: Remote control, 24-hour timer and night mode of the stylish air conditioner will provide maximum comfort. Automatic cooling to the desired room temperature Keep tracks of the current room temperature, determined by means of the integrated thermostat and indicated on the display. For quick cooling, just set your desired temperature value from 16 °C to 31 °C, and the air conditioner will cool down the room air as you wish.

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