In contrast to the decanter, the Flottweg Sedicanter® has been developed for the separation of suspensions with fine and soft solids. A solid with properties ranging between soft and fluid is difficult to process using a standard decanter. Only the patented Flottweg Sedicanter® achieves an optimum result. The Sedicanter® combined the advantages of a separator and a decanter centrifuge. It clarifies the suspension similarly to how a separator does, i.e. it achieves an optimally clarified centrate. At the same time - like a decanter - it processes a large amount of solid material in the feed and achieves a dry solid in the outfeed. Flottweg has been building the Sedicanter® for 20 years now. We offer you a wealth of experience and numerous well-known references all over the world. Our decanter centrifuges for soft sediment are particularly characterised by their performance, high quality and durability. 

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