The Flottweg belt press is suitable for various applications in mechanical separation technology, e.g. juice manufacture, soya, dewatering of beerer's grains or algae extract. It is used for dewatering products containing a large quantity of solids. The special design of the profile rollers and the belt alignment results in high pressure and shear stress, thus assuring a fast and efficient extraction of the product. The Flottweg belt press processes the raw materials quickly and with the highest level of quality. At the same time, it maximises yield and minimises the amount of work required for operation and maintenance. Flottweg belt presses are made entirely of stainless steel. This provides for high hygienic standards and long term durability. Flottweg belt presses are ergonomically designed for easy access during operation and cleaning. A pneumatic belt-control system ensures for reliable operation with minimal manpower.

Filtering equipment and supplies
  • Belt press
  • mechanical separation
  • juice manufacture

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