Flow regulators maintain a defined flow independent from the supplies pressure. They are recommended to ensure a uniform distribution of water also in case of pressure fluctuations. Pressure differences might be caused by level differences in multistorey buildings as well as if showers are taken simultaneously e.g. in commercial shower applications. Flow regulators are usually installed directly into the inlet of faucets, flow heaters, solenoid valves, or similar. Depending on the valves design, they can be placed in the inlet, in the valve seat or in the outlet nozzle. In a lot of applications flow limitations are already standard (e.g. 6 l/min or 8 l/min for faucets). In addition to the constant water supply, the user saves water while keeping the accustomed comfort using washstand or shower. Technical changes reserved.

Product features

Star-shaped regulating element Star-shaped regulating element This structural/geometric shape ta POM
Socket POM
Regulating element / Elastomer EPDM
Pressure range Pressure range Nominal pressure or range. 1 - 10 bar
T-medium 65 °C max.

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