Flower-shaped Bamboo Pendant Light


67.10$ HT


This creative bamboo pendant light with the shape of flower will be a great fit in your house. It will highlight your cheerful and artistic personality. Whether you want it for your bedroom, living room or kitchen, you will be delighted with it and your home will look very cozy. It is a perfect choice for those who loves natural materials and would like to get a touch of rustic or boho styles in their room. Bamboo, which is used to produce our light pendants, is an exceptionally renewable material thanks to the speed it grows. It has been used to produce different home and décor products by Vietnamese craftsmen for hundreds of years. Local artisans have a long history in transforming bamboo into beautiful items of different shapes and have passed their technics from generation to generation. And now we can proudly share with you this part of Vietnamese cultural heritage and sustainable lifestyle.

Light fixtures, decorative
  • bamboo pendant light
  • Pendant Light
  • Light

Product features

Product size D50 cm

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