Article number: 135875 Type number: DFMM40-112 EAN code: 4047322501163 Flowmeter incl. measurement section with threaded connection R 1 1/2, DN 40, Measuring range 1.0 - 730 m /h, PN max. 16 bar. Calorimetric measurement system for monitoring changes in flow and consumption as well as for leak and energy efficiency measurements. No additional pressure or temperature compensation is necessary. All measured values are recorded digitally, making very rapid, high-precision measurement possible. High measurement accuracy due to defined measurement section. - Display: Current consumption in l/min, m /hr, etc. and total consumption (meter reading) in m , l, etc. - Total consumption (meter reading) can be reset to zero with keypad - Display can pivot 180 , measuring device can be unscrewed - Measured quantities: m /hr, l/min (1000 mbar, 20 C) for compressed air or Nm /h, Nl/min (1013 mbar, 0 C) for gases - Units: m /hr, m /min, l/min, etc. can be selected with keypad - Gas types:...

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
DN 40
Display Background lighting
Flow rate output Analogue 4 to 20 mA, pulse output (galvanically separated)
H1 165.7 mm
Max. measuring range 730 m /h
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Max. temperature range 80 C
Measuring system Calorimetric measurement
Medium Compressed air, neutral gases
Min. measuring range 1.0 m /h
Min. temperature range -30 C
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Page No. Web-Only
Thread R 1 1/2
Tube I.D. 41.9 mm

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