Fluid bed processor

Lödige's Fluid bed processor


The Lödige fluid bed processor is suitable for — Drying — Instantisation — Granulation and — Coating The processor operates in batch mode. The heated supply air is evenly distributed by the special Conidur® floor plate of the product container, fluidises the product and keeps it floating. This helps to achieve excellent heat transmission and high drying rates. Integrated jet filters separate the product chamber from the clean gas chamber. The particles drop back into the processor and remain in the process. The processing air exits the processor at the endplate. — Mobile product container — Conidur® floor plate — Customised jet filter — 12 bar pressure shock resistance — Variable nozzle system — efficient washing in place system

Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
  • fluid bed processor
  • instantisation
  • coating

Product features

1 WIP system
2 Explosion protection
3 Fluid dosing system
4 Tangential nozzle system

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