The FOECK Crawler was developed by Walter Foeckersperger GmbH and is fully manufactured at the Pauluszell site in the manufacturing workshop. It is the world's strongest crawler winch vehicle with patented Schwenkmatic for maximum tractive forces and a long service life. The large bearing surface of its rubber tracks (bearing load of just 0.32 kg/cm²) and enormous ground clearance of 700 mm enable low-impact work on substrates with poor support, such as those in marshland areas. The FOECK Crawler enables cable winch work to be carried out and can be driven on roads without damaging the surface of the road. The winch design of the FOECK Crawler is similar to that of the FOECK Truck. The difference is that this cable winch can provide a tractive force of 90 tonnes. Its high operational weight also makes the FOECK Crawler suitable for processing hard ground with its strong cable winch.

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