Foam discs (SPDR)


Ultimate sanding, in order to sand with the desired grit to obtain a perfect result, preparing the surface in painting, fading out or polishing. Assures adhesion, flattens out without the risk of going through the painted surface, respects the shape of the panel. Can be used dry or wet. Better results are using wet combined with DGR water based degreaser. Applications: Final step in sanding order, preparing for painting Preparing the surface in blending out color Dust removal without taking away the desired structure of the clear coat Preparing the surface for fading out clear coat Removal of dirt or contamination before polishing Smoothening the surface before polishing Reference Description Box Outer box SPDR 0800 Grit P 800 20 8 SPDR 1000 Grit P 1000 20 8 SPDR 1500 Grit P 1500 20 8 SPDR 2500 Grit P 2500 20 8 SPDR 2000 Grit P 2000 20 8 SPDR 3000 Grit P 3000 20 8

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