Antislip foils from EVAC Anti-slip EVAC mats – one-sided designed, adhesive foils to protect the furniture and shelves against scratching and soiling – with wide application not only in households, but also in offices and shops. Foils are manufactured by extrusion from copolymer ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVAC). Processed materials EVAC EVAC (copolymer of ethylene with vinyl acetate) is a material distinguished by strength and transparency, it is soft and flexible similar to rubber. It is manufactured with the vinyl acetate content from 2 to 40 %. With increasing share of vinyl acetate, its transparency, adhesiveness, softness, and resistance against cracks also increases. Natural non-slip characteristic is an interesting feature of this material, which is beneficial in applications such as non-slip pads for floors, cabinets, shelves, and drawers. EVAC is resistant against mechanical stress and UV radiation. It is used in the production of various sports equipment – ski boots,...

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