Combined with a pallet and a lid, the Akyboard® sleeve is ideal for creating a light and robust container. The properties of Akyboard® make it easy to handle, resistant to chemicals, allows a flat printable surface and makes it 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. This type of solution can be used in all industries where a close loop has been identified between a supply site and a delivery site such as automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or FMCG. Akyboard® material used for the sleeve is available from 10.2 to 11mm with density from 2500g/m² to 3500g/m². Some benefits for the customers are : Due to its 100% recyclable solution, it contributes to reducing carbon footprint Akyboard® is a solution that can be reusable for up to 10 years Its printable surface helps to enhance your brand image The sleeve can be adapted to all types of pallets and covers, both wooden and plastic > Click to view or download brochure Available options: (PTFC) Label Holder Slots with welded...

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