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Folding PVC Fast Doors If your expectation from industrial doors in your facility is to work in heavy traffic, in difficult and variable weather conditions, to open and close hundreds of times a day, to reduce waste of time, to minimize air currents, to make your existing area more hygienic, to minimize visual and noise pollution, Paw is your door. -Flex Industrial PVC Folding type fast door. It is designed to keep the wind resistance at the maximum level thanks to its wind profiles. The body structure of the product consists of galvanized steel. Optional stainless steel and painted versions are available. Folding PVC Fast Doors or Rolling Rolling Fast Doors are fast door solutions that can respond to the intense entry and exit needs needed in Industrial Workspaces in the easiest way. Folding PVC Fast Door Systems , which can isolate air currents as well as isolate dust, humidity

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