Folding/ sliding doors


For department stores and shopping centers, Bauporte developed the folding/ sliding door system. This type of entrance has 180-degree manually operated or automatic revolving doors that can also be moved to the side. Sliding is done manually or electrically. The entrance is heated by heated curtains installed on top. The advantage of these folding/ sliding doors for different types of weather is: Bad weather For disappointing weather, the entrance is protected from outdoor cold yet accessible to people going in and out, with a good draft protection system in the entrance through the connection with the heater and the self-closing doors. People going through can go in comfortably through the various consecutive doors, which can rotate up to 180 degrees. Reasonable weather The door wings can be put into the 90-degree position manually or electrically and are then mechanically or electromechanically locked. There is a free passageway from inside to outside and vice versa. Great...

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