Ideal for packaging single-serve ready-to-eat foods, such as fish, meat salads, pâtés and spreads, puddings, fruits and desserts, our family of bowl-shaped food cans are easy to handle, allowing consumers to enjoy contents directly from the package. The bowls have a sleek and modern shape that draws attention on store shelves, helps convey a premium image and provides brands with a competitive edge at point-of-sale. Suited for single-serve meals, bowl cans allow consumers to enjoy portion-controlled meals and healthy snacks straight from the package, in the process saving time and effort associated with preparing a separate dish and cleaning up. Compatible with our complete range of easy-open ends, bowls can be combined with advanced printing technologies for additional visual appeal. Available in aluminum, steel and polymer-coated materials and manufactured in a wide range of diameters, our bowl cans come with a variety of external finish options including silver, white or...


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