Your Manufacturer in Turkey! As a market leader and pioneer of its sector in Turkey , Tex Motor started to export and expand overseas. Besides Manufacturing Motorcycle & Bicycle gears, clothing and accessories, our company is also main supplier and manufacturer of Food delivery Gears & Garments for Global Food Delivery companies such as Yemek Sepeti, Getir, Vale ( which are owned by a German Company ‘’Delivery Hero’’ ) , Glovo ( Spain ) , Hilldas ( Food delivery company from Belgium ) , HabGusto (Austria) , Little Caesars and many more Global Companies …. Tex Motor offers high quality products which are durable,meet your expectations and reflects the strong corporate image of your Company.We can manufacture any item related with Food Delivery sector with your brand and logo on it ( Insulated Thermal bags, Motorcycle Boxes,Service Bags , Jackets, Coats, Rain coats and etc….) We can also manufacture your ‘Custom Made’ orders too.

Restaurants, caterers and meal deliveries
  • Food Delivery Gears & Garments