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Food Grade Tapioca Starch


Tapioca starch is used across a variety of culinary disciplines and is particularly useful for thickening, gelling, binding, and stabilising food products. The tapioca starch that we manufacture provides: Neutral flavour and appearance Superior texturizing, mouthfeel, and freeze-thaw qualities Crispiness to crumb coats Structural resilience to baked goods, noodles, and pastas. A great nutritional value since it is rich in calcium and vitamin B12. Tapioca starch may be applied in a variety of foods including: 1.Soups, Sauces,and dressings 2.Baked items,e.g. Pastries and pies 3.Extruded foods 4.Cooked meats 5.Ice cream and Ice cream cone manufacturing 6.Noodles and pastas

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