The KAHL Holding around the company AMANDUS KAHL has specialized not only in the processing of grain and rice, but also in the production of cereals, snacks and instant products. Processing of naturally occurring food often requires a great deal of effort, which the end consumer usually does not see. Examples include rice and cereals, but pulses such as chickpeas and soybeans must also be freed from digestive inhibitors before they can be consumed. Our hydrothermal reactors are used for this purpose. By the combination of moisture, retention time and pressure, the product is treated in such a way that inhibitors are reduced and a higher protein solubility or starch modification is achieved. AMANDUS KAHL uses single-screw extruders for the production of cereals and snacks. These make it possible to produce snacks by means of the traditional cooking process with subsequent flaking. Prior to the extrusion process, the grain meals are mixed with further components, afterwards...

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