Food colorings - Natural colors and metallic colors with edible sparkle

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DeLeyer Food is the distributer of the INCOLTEC colors for The Netherlands and Belgium. If you experience color problems or need a second or first supplier please contact us at: Our experienced laboratory in Spain can try to solve your problems, copy your current colors and keep the recipes on shelf, or develop your synthetic colours to natural colours. We can deliver liquids, powders and pastes. Directly from one of our 3 European production locations in Spain and France. From 1 kilogram to large packaging up to 200 kilogram. Our values Quality colors Experienced laboratory Fast respons and delivery Sharp pricing Colors Yellow E100, Curcumin, Red E120, Carmine, Green E141ii and E141i, Copper complexes of chlorophyllin, Black E153, Carbon black Yellow / orange E160a, Beta carotene, Yellow E161b, Lutein, Orange E160c, Capsicum extract (paprika) Purple E163, anthocyanis White E171, Titanium dioxide A range of E171 Titanium dioxide Metallic colours in different color s