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Food colorings

Azo free natural food colorings


Our azo free food colorings are developed to color roll fondant, but can also be used on other products (not chocolate) with slightly different colour shades. You dose approximately 0.5 to 3 percent of coloring to the mass of product you like to color. Our azo free colorings are made with the natural colorings E120 (carmine), E100 (curcumin) and the synthetic azo free E133 (brilliant blue). The colors are blended into glycerine and water. These colorings contain no azo colours and are know not to have an influence on the hyperactivity and attention in children. Available colours and ingredients : All food colours can be produced as private labels. We can produce large volumes of 1 to 20 liter in your desired colours. We can supply colorings as liquids, pastes or as powders.

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