These multi-tier lockers are used to store food products (e.g. coffee, tea, beverages) and other objects used by employees at meals (utensils, dishes, etc.). Food lockers are mostly used at cafeterias, snack bars, dining rooms, and other rooms where people have meals. Thanks to their compact size, they take up little space, while making it easier to keep staff rooms in order. Food lockers can be made of acid resistant metal. The stainless steel version can be used even in direct contact with food. Every compartment has a name plate holder and a separate cam lock or keypad. Upon the Client’s request, we can modify the additional equipment of the compartments (e.g. select another lock or put numbers on doors), or equip the locker with other parts that make it even more useful (an additional frame that makes it easier to clean under the locker, a bench, slanting tops, etc.). In addition to free-standing lockers, our offer includes wall-mounted lockers.

Metal furniture
  • metal food lockers
  • furniture for storage
  • lockers for staffrooms

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