Foot Operated Impulse Sealer - HAWO HPL 450, 630 & 1000 AS



The range of HAWO HPL foot operated impulse sealer are premium machines built for demanding projects that require optimal seal quality. They are suitable for every type of thermoplastic film including both single and multi layer laminated films. Available in a variety of jaw and sealing widths they feature no heat up time and a constant contact pressure. This creates consistent quality seals for every weld. Each impulse machine features a semi automatic impulse bar, foot switch and cutter as standard. As standard this machine is a table top heat sealer laying perfectly flat on a horizontal surface. Optional extras include a film unwind device (roll holder), chrome storage tray and vertical stand in a V2A stainless steel construction. Factory Modifications include the option to fit a double impulse welding stamp. (1 - 2 week delivery time)