At first,the ground of field is hardened for leveling by steamroller or ground roller. For ground concrete,the place is excavated by JSB or etc. The concrete is poured to the excavated area. 25cmx50 cm molds are placed. The reinforcing bars are placed into the molds. Before pouring the concrete,anchor pipes are put amoung the reinforcing bars.After pouring the concrete,the gravels are poured up to the zero point as No:4 , No:3, No:2 sequintally.76mmx3mm thick h:600 cm verizontal pipes are placed.After placing all pipes,60mmx2mm thick horizontal pipes are welded to the vertical pipes. Vertical and horizontal pipes are painted with anticorrosion paint. Over the anticorrosion paint,RAL 6005 paint is applied. Then the area is enclosed with 50cmx50cm sized 3,50 mm thick PVC wire mesh. 55 mm thick artificial turf is roll outed. Silica sand and sbr granuls is applied into the turf. Sport equipments,goalposts,top covering mesh,lighting projector and projector posts are installed.

Football - equipment and goods
  • 5-a-side football pitch in synthetic grass
  • Football - equipment and goods
  • football and field sports goods