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Very important productive activity for the company. Today, Semillas Batlle S.A., is the largest certified vetch and alfalfa seeds exporter. The rest of species, especially trifoliums and loliums are obtained by our technical department, complementing the supply of varieties with exclusive agreements with leading companies of Europe and America. GROWING GENERAL ADVICES 1 - Election of the species and variety. Search the best suited species and variety for your growing, climate and production needs. 2- Soil Preparation. Well-worked soil (30-40 cm. deep) and well refined first layer, flat and without lumps. Perform these tasks with time. 3 - Sowing. Doses vary according to species. 4 -Fertilization. For intensive production of green fodder, we recommend using in the preparation of the prairie, 50 units/ha. of nitrogen 5 - Growing Cares The best time to harvest graminea species is before bolting, and leguminae species at the beginning of flowering.

  • Bedding plants, bulbs and seeds
  • seedlings for agriculture
  • vetch seeds
  • animal feed

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08750 Molins De Rei - Spain


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