The intelligent clamping jaw FMS from JAKOB Antriebstechnik allows for the constant monitoring of clamping forces not only during machine set-up, but also during actual processing. The claw monitors forces and transmits the telemetrically to a handheld device, a laptop with USB reception stick, or directly to machine control. The holding force of clamping elements is relevant for both safety and quality. The operator can set a threshold clamping force. If clamping force falls below this threshold, an alarm signal is generated, which can, for example, be used as an emergency-stop-signal for a machine. Advantages of using the FMS: • monitoring of clamping force during machine set-up • monitoring of clamping force during processing • no downtime due to clamping force checking • higher operational safety due to alert in case of clamping force loss • higher operational safety during long-term processing • flexibility thanks to wireless transmission of data

Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories
  • FMS
  • Force Monitoring System
  • clamping element

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