Fork-shank Protection Sz-s2 Soft Special


The secutex forkshank protection is a special design with a hollow profile and foam insert. For example, it is suited to the transport of delicate drums on EURpallets. The colliding of the drums is absorbed through the flexible foam padding, whilst the impact of the pallet is absorbed through the sturdy hollowprofile design. Usages include, for example, transport in the chemical or glass industries. The forkshank protection is attached to the fork shanks via steel bands and is thus easily exchangeable.

Sheet metal and strips, tinplate
  • Secutex Eur
  • Pallets Secutex
  • Secutex Steel

Product features

Type SZ-S2 soft special
Internal width [mm] + 5 - 8
External width [mm] + 15 - 20
Coating [mm] 20

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