Form & Roughness of Precision Parts ZYGO 3D Surface Profilers are ideal metrology tools for Precision Machined components due to their application flexibility. A traditional 2D approach will not always tell the "full" story of the surface form or surface finish of the produced part in one measurement; and multiple measurements require additional time for part measurement. Machine operators would like to have this information as soon as possible to ensure production is within tolerance. The NewView's areal (3D) surface measurement provides quick assessment of form deviation or process variation. The quantitative data and 3D image are then often used to correct machine parameters and maintain production yields. Precision Machined flats, sealing surfaces, conical seats, steps and free-form shapes are all measured using the NewView for a wide variety of parameters. These include flatness, angle, deviation from ideal form, roughness, and microstructure. Using the optional Vision...

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