TYP C 043/ES Cutting, stamping and bending device for axial components Description To make the insertion of components with short leads into p. c. boards possible, the leads have to be cut to suitable length, bend to the required pitch and - if necessary- stamped. Both, suitable length and required pitch can be adjusted by adjusting screws. After this set- up the components can be processed. Cutting length and pitch are fully adjustable. The stamping result for the leads depends on the used tool. Leadforming ist tool specific and can be manufactured to meet customer requirements. The difference to the types C 043 and C 043 E is the integrated Pneumatic which makes the rearrangement of the Bending- and Formingtools possible. This means, that the tools can be approached to the components. Espacially bendings with Flush- Mount- bead can be done. The taped components can be processed automatically. The processing- speed is continuously variable. The tool change for different bending dimensions takes about 5 minutes. Components


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