Based on its many years of experience in the development and production of high-quality machine components, GMN has chosen to specialize in the production of efficient, long-life sprag type freewheel clutches. The standardized model series offer a large selection of feature options to furnish effective freewheel clutch solutions for almost any field of application. The functional principle of sprag type freewheel clutches is based on static friction. A certain number of sprags are in constant friction contact with the connecting parts. Sprags are components with variable height. They are uprighted when the connecting parts are rotated and clamped between the connecting parts while there is static friction between sprags and connecting parts. The static friction is guaranteed by a specific geometry (clamping angle) of the sprags to the connecting parts. GMN sprag type freewheel clutches can be used as indexing clutches, backstops or as overrunning clutches.

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