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Freight Forwarding

Multi-Modal Freight Forwarding


Collett forwarding provide a worldwide import & export service for multi-modal freight transport and shipment. Our in-house Freight Forwarding Team possess extensive knowledge and experience in the shipping industry, organising freight transport on behalf of our customers, providing a worldwide service for the forwarding, import and export of goods from manufacturer to final destination. Our Forwarding Agents book freight on a variety of shipping and multi-modal providers including sea, air, road and rail, often using multi-carrier types for each shipment, all of which is expertly managed. As international freight forwarders we offer logistical breakbulk solutions to customers worldwide. Our Forwarding Team regularly handle multi-modal shipments, providing transport solutions, preparing & processing customs and advising as to other specific import and export documentation.

International freight
  • Freight transport by sea
  • Freight transport by air
  • railway freight transport services

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