Fresnel Lenses for concentrated photovoltaic applications - Concentrated photovoltaics is an app which generates electricity from sunlight

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Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Fresnel Lenses, for concentrated photovoltaic applications in a range of materials such as PMMA Acrylic and Borosilicate. CPV is an application which generates electricity from sunlight. The key difference between this technology and conventional photovoltaics (solar panels) is the inclusion of optical components. Utilising optical components which focuses the sunlight onto solar cells increases the efficiency of the electricity generation. Knight Optical provides fresnel lenses which consist of a flat surface with interspace concentric steps whereby each step corresponds to the surface of a conventional lenses. PMMA Acrylic is a preferred material for CPV systems as it is very lightweight when used in a large size. Specialist grades of PMMA are also utilised which absorb the UV light and thus reduces the effects of solarisation i.e. the yellowing of the optical material due to exposure to UV. Read PDF for full information

Product information

PMMA Acrylic/ Borosilicate
Center thickness:
+/- 0.2mm
Clear aperture:
Standard range
± 5%
Precision range
± 2% typically (± 5% manufacturing data)
Design condition:
Parallel light on grooved side