FRICTION SCREW PRESSES AND FORGING PRESSES (a) Friction Screw Presses (Down Stroke) (b) Forging Presses (Up Stroke) FEATURES Hot Forgings. Investment costs low & Cost for foundations are minimal. The forging Dies have a long life. Costs of development, manufacturer & replacement of the dies are low. Great forging accuracy is achieved because of the free stroke. Additional energy can be applied to the same die impression by making several blows. The heat contact time considerably less than it with crank type forging presses & knuckle joint presses. Cost of repairs after years of hard usage is low. Only skilled labor should be employed for its usage. Our Friction Screw Presses are heavy duty fabricated construction and are suitable for endless variety of Non-Ferrous Stamping, Forgings and Piercing operations depending on the tooling employed on it.

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