With the Therma friction thermocouple you can determine the surface temperature of the brakes while driving. Attaching the mounting adapter puts uniform pressure on the brake disc through the spring-loaded sensor by using a bayonet cap. That perfectly compensates movements caused by centrifugal force and vibrations as well as the volume decrease caused by disc wear while ensuring a valid measurement. The brake disc friction sensor measures the surface temperature of the brake disc. It imparts important insights about the temperature development. That enables an indication about the brake line, intake and temperature radiation. A brake disc that becomes too hot during a race massively loses its effectiveness and deceleration to the accustomed and optimal degree is no longer possible. If the temperature is too high, the brake pads start gassing on top of that.

Inductive sensors
  • Friction sensor
  • Therma friction thermocouple
  • Sensors for tyre and braking systems
  • sensor
  • thermocouple
  • brake disc friction sensor
  • temperature radiation

Product features

Measurement point VA-wafers Ø 7.0 mm, 1 mm thick
Housing Ceramic, Ø 8.0 x 25 mm
Line length 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm or 3,000 mm
Line type FEP-Teflon, AWG24F, open strands
Temperature range of the line up to 205 °C in continuous duty, 230 °C peak
Connection free ends, mini-plug, mini-plug self-locking, analogue 0–5 V (THK)

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